Sunday, May 6, 2012



Has your child watched TV or played computer games today and now wants to play outside?  But it is spring- it is cold, windy and thinking of raining!

 Did you know that art drains tension, builds self-esteem and enhances self expression?  Why not do an art project with your child?  You want to stimulate your child with hands on learning using art, activities, books and songs.  Art Based Curriculum has 129 pages of fun, educational and creative ideas for you and your child to help get "unplugged" for an afternoon!  

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  1. i am so excited that you wrote this book! and i can attest to the gift that art brings to a child and to their family. my boys were SO LUCKY to have MRS DIEHL as their prek teacher... they loved making art and exploring as toddlers. now our house full of teenaged boys ( 3 of them!)~ but when i look at their rooms, their class projects, their sense of personal expression
    i STILL SEE that creative spark that started with early exposure to art and color! and i am so grateful.... ann dickey