Saturday, November 8, 2014


This is a fun project to sit on your porch and welcome your guests for Thanksgiving!

Have your child pick a shirt, pants, socks and mittens.  Stuff with newspapers.
Cut down a paper bag to whatever size you want the scarecrows head to be.  Paint the head.  You can have your child cut eyes, nose and mouth out of construction paper and glue on the bag or have your child paint eyes, nose and mouth on the bag. 

Using safety pins, pin the shirt to the pants.  You can add the mittens and socks by using rubberbands.
Place a stick into the back of the shirt and down to the seat of the pants.  Place the head (bag) on the top of the stick. Glue gun the bottom of the head onto the stick.

Tie raffea around the neck, mittens and socks.

Place a hat on your scarecrow, place in a chair and name him/her!  


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